Littlefield Home Guidelines

Event Guidelines

HOURS OF OPERATION Monday – Friday from 9:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. (No event can begin before 9:00 a.m. or end after 8:00 p.m. to account for set up/clean up.)

The Littlefield Home follows the holiday schedule for The University of Texas at Austin. The home may be closed and/or may have reservations cancelled at the discretion of the University or University Events staff. Such occurrences may include, but are not limited to: emergency or scheduled maintenance, special events, repairs or interruption of utility services, dangerous conditions, et cetera.

General Policies

1. Number of occupants is limited to 75 individuals for standing events and 60 for seated dining events.

2. On-site event contact is required to check in with a University Events staff member upon arrival and must also check out with a University Events staff member at the conclusion of the event.

3. Clean up:

A post-event cleaning must be scheduled through UT Facilities Services. Post-event cleaning should take place immediately following the event and should include vacuuming, cleaning restrooms, removal of trash, spot cleaning living room spaces, and sweeping/mopping both kitchens.

You are required to provide a PDF confirmation of your UT Facilities service at least two weeks prior to your event. We recommend you schedule this sooner than later as the Littlefield Home may suggest edits after receiving the confirmation notice. UT Facilities will charge a $200 fee for any edits to the order within a two-week window, which the Littlefield Home is not responsible for.

Failure to send a PDF confirmation of your UT Facilities order may result in cancellation of your reservation within 24 hours of your event.

4. Facilities/ trash/ furniture:

Event guests may not enter restricted areas including the second floor, any office space, the kitchen (with exception of licensed caterers), and the basement.

The Littlefield Home has one dining room table that seats 20 people. If you require any additional tables/seating, you must schedule delivery, set up, and tear down with UT Facilities. UT Facilities requires a one-hour window for delivery and pick up. The latest window allowed in the Littlefield Home is 7:30- 8:30 p.m.

House furniture is not to be moved. Please respect any signage indicating that tables are not to be used.

The Littlefield Home does not provide any trash cans. If food will be present at your event, you must schedule trash cans to be delivered and emptied by UT Facilities.

Due to ADA Compliance and Fire Safety, furniture (i.e. chairs, coatrack, cocktail tables/check in booths) may not block ramp-accessible door located on the east side of the building.

5. Catering:

Caterers may utilize the kitchen spaces, including the deep sinks, gas stove, and coffee pot. Caterers must tidy up after themselves, make sure all equipment has been properly turned off (gas stove should be completely shut off) and return anything moved to its original location. It is your responsibility to communicate this with your catering company.

Event guests (or catering companies) must provide all plates, utensils, linens, etc.

6. Alcoholic Beverages:

The general use and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages is allowed for those 21 and older, upon approval of an alcohol exception request. Please provide University Events with a copy of the exception approval at least two weeks prior to event.

7. Sound:

Playing of the piano is not allowed.

The Littlefield Home is a functioning office building. Please be respectful. Sound levels will be controlled at the discretion of University Events staff.

8. Smoking:

The University is a tobacco free campus and subject to the Handbook of Operating Procedures for The University of Texas at Austin, Policy Number HOP 2.A.2, which prohibits the use of all forms of tobacco products on University property.

9. Animals:

With the exception of certified support animals, no animals are permitted inside The Littlefield Home.

10. Payment for Damage:

Users will bear the cost of any damage to The Littlefield Home, including its fixtures and equipment.

11. Compliance & Exceptions:

The Littlefield Home is not for public use. Failure to comply will result in staff calling the UT Police Department.

The privileges of using the Littlefield Home may be suspended or revoked to any group or individual if the space and/or staff are not properly respected.

The aforementioned policies and guidelines must be complied with. Any exceptions to the outlined policies may only be approved by University Events.