Virtual Events FAQ

ConsidAnswers to common questions regarding virtual events are listed below. To submit a question for FAQs, complete this form. 

When will in-person events be allowed again?
The university is following the guidelines set by local and state governments and the CDC. In-person events of varying sizes will be allowed in accordance with their guidance.

Why host a virtual event?
A virtual event engages an audience in a manner that befits the need for the event and also allows for maximum public safety. Given the unpredictable timeline of the pandemic, finding a way to allow events to continue in a safe manner is recommended.

How do I pick which platform is right for my event?
Zoom is a great tool to use for meetings and events where you can rely on the program and participants to keep the audience interested. If you need an additional level of production for your virtual event (videos, speaker cutaways, image overlays, logo integration), your broadcast may be better served through a different program. There are several available, including the broadcasting program University Events has contracted, On Location Live. We can help you decide which platform is right for your event. Reach out to and we will put you in touch with one of our UE event coordinators.

What platforms should be used? Is there a list of approved platforms or vendors?
Reach out to your department’s finance associate to discuss what platforms UT has already approved for use.

What CDC guidelines should we follow in planning in-person events?
 Please refer to the UT COVID-19 event guidelines. Below are some important guidelines to consider:

  • Consider the size, location and duration of the event
  • Limiting capacities and hosting in-person events outdoors to ensure proper airflow
  • Changing layouts and table styles to ensure people maintain social distance
  • Adding additional wait staff to lessen the amount of movement in guests
  • Altering catering menus to have individually-packaged, sanitary food service
  • Creating signage to remind people of expectations (masks, distancing, hand sanitization)
  • Providing masks and hand sanitizer on site

What technical capabilities do I need for On Location Live?
Please contact to get in touch with a UE event coordinator to discuss your event needs.